Siebel CRM

Lords Technologies has been a pioneer in deploying Oracle BI EE to large/mid size corporations, enabling them to consolidate data from various sources and present it in a manner that is customizable to each user. This access to relevant data in a more useful format allows knowledge workers within their respective areas of expertise to make better and more-timely business decisions.

Lords Technologies has been working with Oracle BI EE since its inception in 2001. Recognizing very early on that this was an extremely powerful solution that added tremendous business value, we incorporated it into our strategic solution offerings.

Lords Technologies is uniquely qualified to deliver Oracle BI initiatives by drawing on years of successful engagements utilizing the Oracle BI suite. The ability to connect to almost any data source and its unified business, model enables our customers to leverage their current technology investments and achieve a lower TCO.

BI Applications

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications are complete, pre-built BI solutions that deliver intuitive, role-based intelligence for everyone in an organization — from front line employees to senior management — that enable better decisions, actions, and business processes.

Lords Technologies specializes in helping organizations gain greater insight and value from a range of data sources and applications, including PeopleSoft, Siebel, and third-party systems such as SAP. We assess your information needs and current intelligence resources before recommending the Oracle BI solution that best matches your goals.


Financial Analytics

We use Financial Analytics to help your front-line managers improve financial performance with complete, up-to-the-minute information on their department’s expenses and revenue contributions. We ensure that the most relevant KPI’s and available reports enable financial managers to improve cash flow, lower costs, and increase profitability while maintaining more accurate, timely, and transparent financial reporting that helps ensure Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Human Resources Analytics

Oracle Human Resources Analytics helps organizations improve overall workforce performance and managerial effectiveness while reducing costs. We work with our clients to provide their human resources (HR) professionals and front-line managers with the tools to gain up-to-the-minute insight into productivity levels across your organization. The resulting benefits help reduce workforce costs, increase employee productivity, effectively manage employee compensation, improve retention, and reduce voluntary turnover.

Sales Analytics

Improve forecast accuracy, pipeline visibility, sales effectiveness and overall sales results. Oracle Sales Analytics dramatically improves the effectiveness of your sales people by providing real-time, actionable insight into every sales opportunity at the point of customer contact. Lords Technologies will give you the tools to forecast sales more accurately and better identify potential problems and opportunities so that you can close business faster and increase overall sales revenue.

Service Analytics

Lords Technologies can tailor Oracle Service Analytics dashboards and reports to support customer care goals. Take advantage of our best practices and industry experience to develop customer service efficiency and quality that differentiate you from the competition.

Marketing Analytics

Oracle Marketing Analytics allows your organization to obtain maximum results from your marketing investments by providing your entire marketing team with a complete, up-to-the-minute picture of customer preferences, buying behavior, and profitability. Lords Technologies will work with you to ensure Oracle Marketing Analytics becomes the most effective tool you have for developing more valuable customer and prospect relationships and improving marketing effectiveness.

Project Analytics

Project Analytics offers organizations a comprehensive analytics solution that delivers insight into project-based data to seamlessly track the lifecycle of a project. Oracle Project Analytics provides robust analysis of important project-based data such as forecast, budgets, cost, revenue, billing, profitability and other aspects of project management. It provides consolidated, timely, and complete information to Project Managers, Project Executives, and Project Accountants.

Supply Chain and Order Management Analytics

Overlaying an analytics solution on your current Supply Chain and Order Management processes transforms it into a tool for improving financial performance and customers satisfaction. Put Lords Technologies’s many years of implementing both SCM and analytics solutions to work capturing data flowing through your SCM systems and turning it into actionable information about order backlogs, product fulfillment needs, and supplier performance.

OBI EE+ Platform

The Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus is designed to meet the requirements for a new class of enterprise business intelligence solution.

Lords Technologies specializes in dovetailing Oracle Business Intelligence tools with the Oracle business application ecosystem. We help you determine which tools would benefit your users most and have the most impact on your ability to make data-driven decisions.

Lords Technologies use these Oracle components when building your BI solution:

  • Oracle BI Answers
  • Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards
  • Oracle BI Delivers
  • Oracle BI Disconnected Analytics
  • Oracle BI Publisher (formerly known as XML Publisher)
  • Oracle BI Briefing Books
  • Oracle BI Server
  • Hyperion Interactive Reporting
  • Hyperion SQR Production Reporting