About Lords Technologies lnc

At Lords Technologies lnc, we conquer new thresholds in Information Technology every day that demands superior performance from the best and brightest. Such progress does not compromise quality. Neither do we. At LT, we conquer new thresholds in Information Technology every day.

At LT our strong industry specific vertical domain knowledge and experience in a wide variety of technologies enables us to engineer complex applications and next generation infrastructure by integrating multiple technologies into solutions for this demanding business environment. Our success is based on strategic industry-specific business solutions that focus on a wide variety of technologies and delivery capabilities, giving us the edge in breed processes and skills.

As the e-business era gathers momentum, companies are being challenged to automate their front office and back-office operations with a strong IT infrastructure capable of addressing core business challenges. This has resulted in an escalating demand for quality IT solutions that are customer-centric, cost-effective, accurate and constantly evolving.

Our consultants are recognized experts in their fields, experienced with the tools necessary to shape technology. Discovering new ways to do business, to communicate, to build, to educate, to live – LT consultants are the life force behind technology’s changing expression. Our corporate mission is to promote technological progress by connecting consultants with the opportunities to bring the best out of them in their fields.

By using LT services, expertise and offshore capabilities, our customers enjoy decreased costs, increased profitability and unparalleled customer support as a result of our onsite, offsite and offshore capabilities. We are proud to attribute these results to our:

  • Over 10 Years of in depth and expansive IT Services experience
  • Proven philosophy and methodology
  • Vertical specialization
  • Cross technology
  • Cross platforms
  • Technology innovators
  • Honor bound customer relationships, ethics and integrity
  • Unprecedented quick access to unlimited resources
  • Unique and agile “ramp up” capability
  • Premier technical and functional consultants in a wide array of technologies and industry vertical experience

Numerous awards, recognitions, citations and most importantly the testimonials and letters of appreciation from our satisfied customers. We work closely with system integration partners in providing any solution to our customers.

Internally and externally we work together to make sure we deliver what we promise. We work with our customers/clients and consultants to really understand their needs and work with them to understand their goals — going out of our way to help others.

A Pledge to Do We exceed our standards. The job gets done. We stand by our word. Whatever we say, whatever we do, we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction. 100% satisfaction. We take responsibility. Without a second thought.
“Do It” Attitude: Risk Aside, I’ll Take Responsibility You see a snake, you kill it. We accept the challenge and get it done. We get the jobs done no matter the ownership. Accomplishment above all else – despite if we will win or lose. Be accountable.

Consistent people development – empowering our employees to excel. We as a company are willing to learn. We give a lot of “free” consulting to our customers where competitors charge for the information. We are a learning company.

People who organize, drive and take the risks of a business venture