Health IT

Healthcare IT

Lords has a wealth of experience in providing support and cutting edge solutions in the area of information technology focused on the improvement of health care delivery and the quality of care provided in the United States. Our company is on the ground assisting the federal government in modernizing health-related information technology for the greater good of all health care stakeholders – providing us with a first-hand view of the major challenges associated with this often complex domain. Understanding the challenges allows us to design strategies and solutions that increase stakeholder collaboration, achieve better use of the high volumes of health care information collected and stored, increase buy-in for health information sharing and define interfaces for this interoperability that’s becoming more standardized within the health industry. Our Health IT Centre of Excellence (CoE) is made up of several medical doctors, IT architects and engineers that apply the appropriate perspective for needed innovations in this area.

Health-Related Data Analytics

Lords has mature data analytics products and services aimed at gathering better intelligence from health information in the context of an organization’s or practice’s business model. We have several prototypes already developed to show how many critical health care processes can be automated or augmented to greatly improve the accuracy and quality of important activities. Our Health IT resources with in this CoE are also developing innovative ways to implement and leverage data analytics in a health-related environment, and has partnered with Knowledge Analytics Inc. to build analytical health systems without the need for costly development resources to make changes to the behaviour of the system. Health care Subject Matter Experts can modify the system behaviour based upon changes in their business processes without having to submit expensive change requests which happens when the analytics solution is hard coded into health information systems.

Securing Health Information Systems

One of Lords strengths is information security and we leverage that strength heavily within our Health IT CoE to ensure that common security-related obstacles of the past are eliminated and converted to enablers for health care initiatives going forward. Federated identity management solutions, confidentiality of health information processing, insider threat prevention solutions and service-based approaches to delivering reusable cyber capabilities aligned with HIPPA, FISMA, HL7can be leveraged across health care enterprises.

Every one of our Health IT services engagements benefits from and can draw back on innovations and expertise associated with the Lords Health IT CoE. This CoE is also available to perform research into our client’s most pressing needs so that programs can proceed while a particular topic is explored in our controlled environment. We are committed to the betterment of the health industry as a whole and are investing significant resources in developing cutting edge approaches to solving the major challenges which exist now and forecasted into the future.